Thursday, March 1, 2012

10 Days to go - tic toc

Anyone guess what my shutter speed was?
Ah, keeping pace is really hard! 8:30 minutes a mile is certainly not my pace for long distances - you can see my workout here : Laurence's endomondo page . It was all going fine and dandy - first mile in 08:46 and then 08:29, 08:46, 08:35,08:55  then an amazingly exhausting an painful mile 6 in 09:32. For me 09:32 is actually good - if i could have continued running (aye - and there's the rub) but i felt as if my legs were turning to jelly!

 So in short - must run slower - maybe 09:00 min/mile. ah who knows! Anyone have tips to actually pace yourself? I never have any idea how fast I'm going when I'm running. My plan for the race is to take my stopwatch with me (the old school one above) - they mark out each mile on lampposts - so I'm hoping my brain can cope with some simple math. Unlocking the screen is a real pain with sweaty hands, especially the coordination with watching the screen and thinking what my legs are doing means i end up stumbling all over the place.

Also - eating jelly babies with a dry mouth is really hard.  Maybe these fancy energy jells I've been avoiding have a place after all. Though i still have 3 bags of jelly babies to get through (stocked up when co-op had them half price last week).

Hoping for some exciting sponsorship news soon ... fingers crossed.

Anyone clicked here yet: they have a cool button which saves lives - try it out.

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