Friday, March 2, 2012

9 Days to go - Time for tea

I love receiving post, proper post that is. Today, amongst other things, my sister sent me some tea, rather fitting too:

I really like Matte - this combination is new to me and it goes really well together! Also gives my head a break from all the coffee (A side effect of being in academia too long). The tea bags come wrapped in gold foil too.

My run - i did an easy 7 miles (I really never thought id say that, an easy 5 miles when I started training was an alien concept to me!) So yeah, today i did an easy 7 miles (okay, last time i promise) in 1h:09m.

Also virgin money giving is down today. But they'll be back up and ready to receive all your lovely donations tomorrow at 6am.

Almost a week to go now! scary stuff.

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