Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bath Half Marathon 2012

This is a blog I wrote while running the bath half marathon (2012). Was all a bit last minute. 33 days from "aha sounds like a plan" to panting and stumbling around the track thinking "if there were less people watching I'd probably be walking right now".
But enjoyable all the same, and i did get a T-shirt and a mars bar. Would I do it again?... probably not... black toenails take ages to grow back to normal!!). The atmosphere was awesome though, and in all with everyone who took part (12000 runners) a lot of money was raised for charity.
My funding raising page: is now closed. Managed £147.50 in total, so a massive thanks to everyone!
The blog now has a new homepage here. Note that the list of pages is in reverse chronological order.