Thursday, February 16, 2012

25 Days to go - new book

So today is a rest day. Decided to 'take it easy' with only 4 runs this week as I'm planning to run harder and faster than I was last week. Figured if i get injured at this stage it'll make it very difficult to get enough training in to complete the run. So - don't get injured!

Now, I've never been the calorie counting type. But today i bought myself a nutrition book:

and before you all get carried away - its not about fad diets or weight loss - it contains quite a lot on different types of proteins, what foods you find them in. I don't plan to change my cooking either - but it is useful to know what's good recovery food, and what not to eat before a long run. Did you know quinoa contains a full set of proteins? Though it has a lot of unhelpful tips to - eat Bison instead of Beef? Yeah right, on a student budget in a recession? Though my favourite so far: "Drinking lots of beer during a race is a bad idea..." clearly I need to find a new running fuel.

Anyway time for bed - if i get up early enough i might try a morning run. Not sure if this'll make me more sleepy or alert for the rest of the day ...?

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