Friday, February 17, 2012

24 Days to go - thirsty thirsty thirsty

I always like stories of people overcomplicating new inventions to do things that could already be done.  (The astronaut and the pencil is an overused false example of this - space pens are very much necessary, but I digress. )
Anyway, a lot of research, of perhaps debatable quality has shown (apparently) that chocolate milk is just as good if not better than professional sports recovery drinks. But theres a lot of sense in this - its the recovery drink of choice of baby chocolate cows everywhere. They do a lot of running and a lot of growing. They also eat grass and i'm not planning on running with hay bale on my back for that mid run snack. But still - chocolate milk has now replaced my post run sports drink. Mid run, i still use an isotonic drink - orange flavour.

The information on hydration online or in popular literature is close to infuriating though. Everybody says don't drink too little, and don't drink too much. You should drink as much as your body needs (we sort of already new this... right?). So we've now been helpfully informed that yes - its possible to be dehydrated and yes - its possible to be over hydrated - which i didn't know a lot about.

So how do you know when your dehydrated - apparently when your thirsty , so this is fairly simple.

How do you know when your over hydrated?? The recommendation is to hydrate, but not to over hydrate. Great! So - how much water?

This is my conversation with  Googl :

Search: "How much water is too much"
Google says: Runners die if they over hydrate, over hydration is caused by sodium los bla bla bla

Search: "How much water is too much post  exercise "
Googlsays: Make sure you drink the right about of water, If you gain weight during your run its too much. (ahhhh but what about after, and i dont have scales with me????)

Search: "How many litres to drink post exercise"
Googlsays: Runners should not drink too many litres post exercise - you should make sure you always drink the right amount.

GooglI hate you!!!

Oh , today i did 7 miles in 1hr 11 mins, So quite a slow pace. After about 5 miles my pace dropped. Sad times!! 13 miles will be hard work!!
Haha, not sure how much to trust the times any more - my satnav thinks i was running in the middle of the river for part of it. At least now when i boast i can run on water - I have "scientific" evidence to back it up. Satellites are in space - and space people are never wrong. Q.E.D.

The Red Cross do an amazing job all over the world. And they're all volunteers. You can help the red cross help people by sponsoring them here: 

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