Wednesday, February 15, 2012

26 Days to go - Fastest 5 miles so far

Some new insoles today:
Sorbotane full strike - its like a gell pad that goes under the existing insole. As i wont be running on grass 100% of the time, the extra cushioning cant hurt. Got them from a small shop on Cotham hill.

Did 5 miles today in 45m41s on grass. 9.07 mi/mile  - a massive improvement over last week. still not quite the pace (or distance!) I want for the half marathon but getting there. I also stupidly forgot to eat lunch - i only realised this after the first mile when i was wondering why it felt like i had so little energy. See my endomondo page for more statistics on my run. You'll notice I've disabled maps of my runs for anonymous viewers - if you add me in endomondo the the maps should come back.

The bruising i had on my foot has gone, no further problems from the run today. Though, one of my toenails is hurting now.

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