Tuesday, February 21, 2012

19 Days to go - Pancakes

Pancakes in Mrs Beetons cook book

Pancake day!!

Today was another rest day - needed to recover with pancakes from sundays run. Me and one of my flatmates stopped off in sainsburys on the way home to stock up - 15 eggs, back of bacon, milk, spinach, cheese, mushrooms, lemons.
Okay so  - went overboard on the eggs a bit, turns out we only needed 6. Ah well. Though they were awesome (the pancakes)- 3 combinations of bacon, spinach, mushroom, chorizo and onion. Then sugar and lemon to finish off.

Probably need to plan some running into the week again. Thinking tomorrow 7 miles, thursday 5, fri 3. Sunday 10. The plan this week is just to increase the pace a bit. 13 miles in 8.30 a mile would be nice - cant really see it happening though! Thats almost a minute quicker per mile than what i'm currently doing.

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