Monday, February 20, 2012

20 Days to go - Update and rest day

Okay - so yeah yesterday I did 10 miles. Went with a friend who cycled while i ran haha! (anyone see Run Fatboy Run?
Ate near enough a large bag of Jelly Babies. I ran along the cycle path following the Avon from Bristol to Pill which is bang on 5miles one way. The trip down to the river (2 miles) was a nice warm up - the walk after back up the hill was decidedly less pleasurable. Though my epic burger at home made it worth while.

Anyway a summery for the week:

I now have 3 painful toes, and a sore spot on my leg where i presume i've had some chafe-age while running. Tempted to invest in some moisture wicking t-shirts but i'm not sure if this is just another form of procrastination. Mine are pretty much soaked through after a run.

I'll leave you with that lovely thought. Night night.

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