Thursday, February 23, 2012

18 Days to go - chew chew chew

There's a lot to consider when choosing which Haribo to munch on a run. The untrained Haribo runner eater would be forgiven for thinking (besides flavour) that they're all equal. They all fulfill the basic criteria of being bite sized, high in carbohydrates and most of all - cheap and tasty. The rate of chew however musnt be overlooked. See, if you chew too much for too long on your tasty  Haribo you lose out on important gulps of air every time you close your mouth. Now you might be thinking you can synchronise your chews with your breathing - well, this sort of works, except if you take too long chewing your  Haribo you end up with a mouth full of sticky saliva which doesn't bode well when running, sweating and panting with your mouth open. What once was a tasty Haribo inside your mouth soon makes its way onto your lips, and before you know it you end up with harbo on your face.
why you shouldn't eat revels while running

Anyway, i havnt quite worked out which Haribo have the best rate of chew. Much experimentation and hard quantitative Harbio running eating is required. In fact i might go controversial here and throw bassets Jelly babies into the mix.

While we're on the subject of sweets - rice pudding made with chocolate milk is a pretty good winner as far as post running energy goes:
My rice pudding

Today i did 4.16 miles in 38 mins.

The sponsorship page was down the other day. Though i'm sure you're all overjoyed now that its back up. No joke - check it out here: and find out why i'm running.

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