Friday, February 24, 2012

17 Days to go - Haribo vs Bassetts

The results are in (error margin is about 10%)

Haribo colla bottles (non sugary) : 57 high intensity chews.
Haribo jem ring: 43 high intensity chews
Haribo heart 39 high intensity chews
Haribo fried eggs: 37 high intensity chews
Haribo gummi bear 30 high intensity chews
Bassetts Jelly Babies: 20 low intensity chews.

Bassetts jelly babies are a clear winner here, not only requiring fewer chews, but each chew was of a lower intensity. Jelly babies are also much bigger than the gummi bear - its closest rival. The low intensity chew of the jelly baby makes it ideal for synchronised breathing/chewing patterns of the experienced Jelly Baby runner eater, also allowing for a half chew if a full chew would be too much of a disruption - something which is not possible with the gummi bear. The lower number of total chews, means the Jelly baby is ingested faster than the Haribo - increasing performance when the Jelly Baby runner eater requires it most.
Go Jelly Baby Go!

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