Saturday, February 25, 2012

16 Days to go - tired

16 Days is actually a bit of a lie - today there's 15 Days to go, but as  i'm writing about yesterday ... yeah you get the idea.

Anyway, yesterday wasn't a great running day - though you may have guessed i did 3 miles. Was massively tired and had to stop and walk a bit after the first mile! - madness! I think running post uni on my way home (12-1am) is generally a bad idea.

Today however i did 10 miles woohoo - more on that tomorrow along with the weeks update. Anyway, some exciting news today, which I'll also write about tomorrow. And if that's not enough I'll be trialling a cure for sore feet (now that we've got the Jelly Babies sorted). Stocked up in co-op with enough ingredients to cure 40 pairs of sore feet. I'm less generous, and intend to do my own 40 times - I know that's not very charitable of me, but i like irony, and i really do have sore feet. So yeah - watch this space tomorrow.

Oh yeah - I've been told that following this link and sending some money makes you look sexy? Not convinced? ... maybe you should try it:

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