Tuesday, February 28, 2012

15,14,13 Days to go - Coffee

Not blogged much recently - and i missed out on the update i promised yesterday. Truth is i've been snowed under with PhD work (aye - but still been running!). I've discovered coffee bags - not as nice a freshly ground coffee from 2Day coffee roasters  on st michaels hill but waaaay better than instant.

So back to running? Well the long awaited news - my running vest arrived:

Though sadly its a size M - i think they were too optimistic on how well my training was going. Palm, my nice contact at the Red Cross has already sent a size L to me. Though now it does mean i'm always eagerly hearing out for the post man - i know its only a vest, but its shiny and red!

I think somewhere i promised a cure for sore feet. But i still havnt gotten around to taking photos for you so, sadly that will have to wait for a rainy day (urm which is now, dammit)

Update on last week is needed too!

So its been an easy-ish week compared to the others. My knees were feeling a bit off so didnt want to push it. The 10 miles on Saturday went fine - on concrete, and without any knee pain so "all is well" (haaha anyone seen 3 idiots?)

Help the Red Cross help people - even a couple of ££ goes a long way. Have a look here: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/LaurenceGriffiths to see how fundraising progress is going.

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