Thursday, February 9, 2012

32 Days to go

So I've decided to take this thing seriously (or procrastinate more from things i really should be doing...)
Breakfast -  4 eggs and some pink salmon (apparently 22.3g protein per 100g) ... and yes, i burned the pan.

Right now its 22:54 and i really cant be bothered to go for a run. Cold beer in the fridge.... urgh anyway, time to put my shoes on and brace the cold air ... though cunningly putting contacts in this time, my glasses kept steaming up from my breath somehow bouncing off my scarf.

* interlude with me running, queue rocky music*

Bah my phone battery was low before heading out, and it died at 4.76 miles ... id love to say i carried on regardless, but i took at as an act of god ... and headed home for a hot shower.

Anyway, 9.58 min/mi my target is 8.46 min/mi so i have a fair bit of work to do yet!!

Have i complained about my feet yet?

And i really need a new playlist, glitch mob are good to run too, but having the same album on repeat....

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