Friday, February 10, 2012

31 Days to go (Guess how my trainers smell...)

Running everyday soon takes its toll on my rosy smelling trainers.
... so ...

Yes... as of today i have lovely smelling trainers. 

EDIT (12-Feb)
Haha, so apparently you all misunderstood (perhaps purposefully) that i have smelly trainers. To put the record straight I was actually trying to show off my new 'Kiwi deo fresh'  pictured left).

My legs hurt sooo much today. Not like a muscle strain, just achy... really really achy!! Managed to waddle into uni...  bit of a john wayne cowboy walk.

Of course i braced the achyness, swigged some lucozade sport, convinced myself it was a miracle juice and went out for a run. Took it easy this time though, 3.51 miles in 37mins. so thats 10.42 min/mi. 

You probably noticed me playing around with embedding maps yesterday. But if you go to my my running page you can see stats of all my runs so far, and plot cool graphs ...

Haha, just realised you can see what music i've been listening to on the run. (the playlist tab to the right of the maps). Was singing along to big bad voodoo daddy.

I read today that the 6 hours immediately after running are the most important. So naturally i saw this as an excuse to pig out.
and... all you generous folk can help the British Red Cross here:

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