Monday, February 13, 2012

28 Days to go (+ Weekly Statistics)

When I woke up this morning my whole body was killing me!! Definitely felt the run from last night... and I think I've bruised the instep of my left foot ... ouch!! Thinking I might need better insoles ....? Anyone have any advice with this stuff?
Also today was supposed to be another rest day, but as Tuesday is Valentines day, and tomorrow I'm going out for a friends name day... means i'll have to drag myself out for another run later today... hmmm
Anyway, time to get out of bed!
Will update on my run later

Quite a short run today - ran up a 200ft hill twice - 2.64 miles. My running app (endomondo) kept losing satalites on the hill. The speed/distance graphs are all over the place!

Took two coats with me today, which meant running with a backpack. The second coat i wore over my thin jacket for the warmdown. Though running with a backpack on is annoying!! How do people normally deal with layers when running?

Update on the week:
Burgers burned: 6
Laps of the earth: 0.001
Total distance: 22.38  miles
Average pace  9m:54s  mi/miles

Target for next week: 
  • Average 5 miles on the shorter runs.
  • Hit 10 miles on the longer saturday run.
  • Be 30 seconds faster per mile

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